Privacy policy

Mainelakeus online store Privacy policy:

The name of the registry:
Register of partners, customers and marketing partners

The registrar and registry contact person:
Hanna-Maria Mainelakeus, 050 407 5585,

The purpose and legal basis of the processing of personal data:
The purpose of processing personal data is to ensure quality customer service, delivery of the order and communication with the customer. The register is used for marketing and co-operation with partners. The processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest arising from the customer relationship in the customer register, consent in the marketing register and a legitimate interest arising from co-operation in the register of partners.

Persons registered in the register:
Mainelakeus’ customers, partners, and those who have signed up for the marketing register.

Information to be registered:
When the customer places an order, the following information is stored in the register: name, address, telephone number, ip-address, email address and ordered product / service. Personal data is stored for a period in accordance with the legislation of the Accounting Act. The e-mail address and contact details of the partners are registered and kept for the period defined by the co-operation. The person’s e-mail address is registered in the marketing register. The data will be stored until the person withdraws their consent or it is found that the contact information is no longer valid.

Source of personal data:
The registrant her/himself provides the information.

Registry protection:
The material in physical form is stored in a locked room on the Mainelakeus’ premises.
Electronically stored data: the information in electronic form is stored in Mainelakeus’ information systems, which use both technical and software means to ensure information security; such means are, for example, passwords.

Recipients of personal data:
Mainelakeus can use partners to ensure the quality of customer service and the effectiveness of communication, such as the accountant or if the products are delivered to the customer directly from a partner.

The rights of the data subject:

The right to inspect and correct data:

– The data subject has the right to check what information about her/him is stored in the personal register. Contact information is shown above. Processing one (1) inspection request per year is free of charge.
– The data subject has the right to request the correction of incorrect information in the register. The data correction request shall identify the error to be corrected and indicate the corrected data. In order to execute a request for rectification, the data subject must contact the contact person.
– The data subject has the right to withdraw her consent to the marketing register.
– The data subject has the right to delete her data in certain situations.
– The data subject has the right to transfer his or her personal data from one system to another in certain situations.
– The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Data Protection Officer (
– In order to exercise their rights, the data subject must contact the contact person. The register does not make automatic decisions
Data will not be transferred outside the EU-area or EEA-area.

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